Due to the popularity of wireless speakers, there has been an increase in demand for wireless speakers in the market; thus, the supply for the product has also increased. As consumers, it becomes difficult for us to determine and decide which is the best choice. Below is a list of specifications of wireless speakers that you can use as a guide in determining which one to buy.


Years ago, volume was directly proportional to the size of the speaker. However, with the advancement of technology, that is no longer the case. The volume of the speakers must not be at the expense of the size of the speaker or the other way around. Therefore, a perfect proportionality must be struck in accordance with both size and volume. To achieve this, the wireless speaker, ideally, must have bi-amplification. Also, your choice of wireless speaker must also be in its maximum efficiency to allow the system to play any playback material.


Most people buy speakers with Bluetooth feature since it makes connectivity with other devices very simple and efficient. With this, it is best to choose a speaker that’s efficient in keeping connectivity. If your phone is NFC enabled, it would be best if you buy a speaker that is also NFC enabled.

Excellent sound quality can also be supported through aptX and AAC HD wireless audio codecs since they allow and provide the same excellent quality.

What is aptX?

AptX is a digital audio data reduction system which allows real-time compression of samples of liner audio. The compression is by the ratio of 4:1 which allows undistinguishable audible degradation and negligible delay that is minimal.

What is AAC?

Also known as Advanced Audio Coding is the default file format for Apple products. The method of compression that is utilized by AAC is more effective and efficient if contrasted to MP3 since AAC can render high frequencies that are produced by specific instruments or vocal; thus, a higher quality of audio.


It would be frustrating if your wireless speaker gets easily drained. Therefore, battery life must be one of your priority when it comes to choosing the best wireless speakers. Usually, speakers with Lithium-ion battery supports more extended usage or battery life.

Your Preferences

Choose a wireless speaker that has features that best suits your personality and lifestyle. For example, if you’re a person that is always on the go, a speaker that gives you the capability to answer a phone call while you’re still playing your music might be convenient for you.


If you’re someone who is meticulous when it comes to the quality of sound, then you should make sure that the kind of wireless speaker is equipped with the specification that preserves or replicates the most accurate sound and music that your favorite artists have worked very hard to produce.

Buying a wireless speaker is a good investment. With this, one needs to make sure that the speaker that they buy is the best for them. If you use the things mentioned above as a guide in choosing, then you’ll most probably get the best of your money when you finally buy your wireless speaker.