In 2017 there was a reported 773,139 vehicles stolen. That number could be significantly reduced if people took extra safety precautions. Think about how many times you’ve left the keys in the ignition. Do you leave your valuables in plaint sight? Perhaps you drive around without locking your vehicle or leaving your windows open. Doing any of these things will increase the risk of your vehicle being stolen.

There are a number of anti-theft devices out there, Kompulsa discusses a few of them. We wanted to give our opinions of the technology discussed and practical ways to prevent theft.

5 Best Anti-Theft Devices

1. Tire Locks

Chances are you have seen these “boots” used by police if a car is parked in an area illegally.  If you have ample space in your trunk, a wheel lock, clamp, or boot is a great option. This option isn’t the most practical for times like filling up your gas tank or going into a store. However they work best for extended periods of being parked which is why they are commonly used for RVs.

2. Steering Wheel Locks

A steering wheel lock attaches to the steering wheel. These anti-theft devices are easy to install and are a great way to deter thieves from even approaching your vehicle. Similar to a steering wheel lock, you could opt for a removable steering wheel. As you can imagine, a vehicle without a steering wheel is hard to steal.

3. Killswitch

What would this list be without some form of tech. One of the most advanced anti-theft devices is a killswitch. A killswitch will prevent the flow of electricity to the critical systems of the vehicle. While this tech is great for preventing theft, it’s best left to be installed by a professional.

4. GPS

Admittedly, a GPS isn’t really an anti-theft device. These days, carjacking is tough to prevent. Like we said, nearly 800,000 people reported that their car was stolen in 2017. I wonder what the percentage of vehicles recovered was? The point of having a GPS is to find the vehicle after it has been stolen. These devices are relatively cheap and make it a reliable way to recover your vehicle. Remember, if your vehicle is stolen and you use a GPS, tell the police and have them recover the vehicle.

There is a reason why rental car companies use GPS in their vehicles. Their most important asset are their fleet of vehicles. Buying an expensive device like a GPS is well worth it for them in the long run.

5. Baby Monitor

A practical way to monitor your precious cargo is by using a baby monitor. These devices are relatively cheap and can be mounted inside and outside of the vehicle. They often feature nightvision and can playback audio. This also works well if the monitor can record and you can use the video for insurance purposes.

It’s always important to remember that you can always do more to prevent things like theft. The key is to put them into action before the worse comes to fruition. If your vehicle is ever stolen, the best course of action is to call the police and wait for them to arrive. If you are equipped with a GPS, you can find the vehicle quite easily.