Did you know that it is much easier to track your location and whereabouts than you think?

Anyone from your phone service carrier to a stranger who can manage to get access to your phone for only a few minutes can track your location.

This can be a huge attack on your privacy and in some cases, can be dangerous.

If you want to know exactly how smartphone tracking works, the NY Times an investigation into the smartphone tracking industry that will make you never want to turn location services on again.

In this article we are going to share ways that you can protect yourself and your location from intruders and unwanted lurkers.

Here’s How to Block GPS Tracking on Your Smartphone:

Disable Location Services

This is the first step in protecting yourself and might seem like a no-brainier, but you will be surprised how many people forget to do this.

On an iOS device, you go to settings –> Privacy –> and select “Location Services.

This will then direct you to a page where you can disable ALL permissions.

On Android devices you go into Settings–> Location Services–> and un-select the boxes for “Location Services” and “GPS Satellites.”

Make sure to uncheck both of these options on your Android device.

This will Disable anyone from being able to view your locations, including locations on photos.

Disable GPS Location Tracking

Did you know that leaving your GPS Location Tracking On gives your carrier service unlimited permission to track everything you do on your smart phone?!

This includes your location, and timing to that location.

Most carriers actually sell this data to third parties for research and marketing purposes, scary!

If you are an iOS user, you must unfortunately “jailbreak” your phone to prevent Apple from catching your location and sending to iTunes.

To do this you will need to download Untrackerd App.

For Android users, go to Settings –>  “Location and Security,” –> unselect the option “Use Wireless Networks”.

Turn Off Your Cell Radio

One way to quickly stop any sort of tracking on your device is to put your phone in Airplane Mode.

This may not be the most convenient method because it stops all incoming messages and calls but if you for some reason ever need to do so, that is a great, quick option.

Faraday Cases and Bags

Any of the above three methods will help minimize the ability for someone to track you location or GPS information.

However, none of them will actually stop all GPS tracking or prevent it completely.

The only way to actually stop ALL tracking on your devices including mobile phones, laptops, iPads, etc. is by using a case or bag.

These phone cases and bags are military grade and are capable of blocking cell, GPS, RFID, WiFi, Bluetooth, and many other types of signals.

It also completely blocks EMF radiation which is a plus!

Checkout IRDA.org’s list of phone cases, bags, and more to block GPS tracking on your devices.

These cases are still used in Military Grade operations to protect people from being tracked.


If you are concerned about being tracked or your personal whereabouts information being sold for data or marketing purposes, taking these steps will protect you and your loved ones.

If you there are other methods for protecting your privacy, please leave them in the comments below!

For more information and other ways to get Google to stop tracking you, checkout this in depth article on pcmag.com.