One of the best-selling phones in today’s market is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The device is equipped with features that can help you organize and make the best of your digital experience. On the other hand, there are also other features that the device is packing that you might find very interesting since they are very useful while being user-friendly.

With enough practice, you’ll see that these new features can significantly provide you convenience and usefulness, making your day more comfortable. Below are some of the best features that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is offering you.

Bixby as Your Personal Assistant

Most smartphones already come with a personal assistant, but the Bixby personal assistant offers you functions that make it stand out among its competitors. Bixby packs the ability to tell you various information through the camera lens of your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

To enable this, you have to open your camera and wait for a moment to scan the image and click the Bixby button to know more about the focused item or place. The feature can also perform the basic and standard functions of a personal assistant.

Floating Camera Feature

If you’re a person who is having a hard time taking good pictures due to shaky hands or poor grip on your device, then the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is equipped with a feature that can help you with this problem. With the assistance of the floating camera button, you will be able to take good photos for it provides you a personalized camera screen you can customize to your hand position.

To do this, you have to open the camera application, click the Settings menu, and enable the floating camera button. After this, you are presented with a convenient shutter button that you can position anywhere.

S Pen Stylus

In contrast to other phones that have stylus pens attached or strapped to the side of the device, the Galaxy Note 8 offers you the convenience of having the stylus pen placed at the bottom; thus, making it easier for you to use it without having the inconvenience of it getting in your way.

The S Pen is designed to have a slim tip. It also comes with a wide range of colors and styles. With the Galaxy Note 8’s S Pen, you can create illustrations and sketches, and have the capabilities of having to jot down notes.

Edge Panel

The Galaxy Note 8 provides its users with an Edge panel that makes it easy for the user to get to the functions that they use the most. This feature on the Galaxy Note 8 maximizes this functionality to three full panels that you can incorporate with shortcuts.

To enable this feature, you have to pull up the Edge panel, click the three dots and click re-order. With this, you can change and customize the panel the way you want it to be.

As you get acquainted with the Galaxy Note 8, you’ll find other features that will make your experience with the device even more satisfying.