Hack attacks are mostly due to curiosity. But sometimes the curiosity kills the cat and inflicts so much damage.  Some start to hack for fun, but some may do it to steal top government information. The following are some of the most destructive hack attacks in the world:

Most Destructive Hacker Attacks

The Original Logic Bomb:

In the year 1982, the operation of the gas pipeline in Siberia was disrupted by the CIA. They made the gas pipeline to explode just by using a computer code which controlled the gas pipeline. The damage that was caused was so monumental that the fire that was caused was visible even from space.


Flame was a malware that was created to target the computer systems which were located in the Middle Eastern countries which ran on Microsoft Windows. But the virus infected all the computer systems that were connected to the LAN and it affected all governmental organisations, education system and other private users. The virus was capable of recording and capturing traffic network, skype conversations, audio recording and screenshots.

2009 cyber attacks:

In the year 2009, there was a series of attack on the governmental and financial websites of the United States and South Korea. Computers were hijacked, and these made the servers to overload. A DDoS attack was made where the hackers overloaded the traffic. Around 18,000 computers from the National Intelligence Service of South Korea were hijacked.

PayPal Hack:

In the year 2010, the attack had blocked the account which was operated for raising funds for WikiLeaks. PayPal users started to boycott, and this made the task very much easier for attackers.

The Spamhaus Project:

Spamhaus filters out the spam emails that are subjected to cyber attacks. Britons had used the Spamhaus to filter out spam emails, and they were able to accept or deny the emails. A distributed denial of service attack was made, and a particular website was flooded with multiple requests and caused it to crash. The site became inaccessible, and users were not able to use the site. Many webmasters had to find alternatives for hosting their Business sites because of the downtime.

Citibank hack attack:

Citibank was targeted as there is a lot of cash flow that happens in this group. Being a financial giant in the world hackers targeted Citibank and hack valuable data. In the year 2011, the attackers hacked more than 200,000 customer’s accounts and stole their contact details and account numbers. The company had faced a loss of about $3 million.


Epsilon was one of the most costly hack attacks in history. A data breach was done in Epsilon which is one of the most significant providers of marketing services to huge industries like Best Buy, JP Morgan Chase and many other financial companies. In the year 2011, total damage of $4 Billion was caused, and hackers had stolen email addresses so that they can use it for their criminal activities.