The World Wide Web gives us the opportunity to connect with everyone around the globe, and it makes it easier for people to break into other people’s personal space. Data is much valued, but it is hard to store such valuable data in a secret vault. With malicious software, people can get their hands on anything. The following are some of such people who broke into complex systems:

Best Hackers the World has Ever Known

Gary McKinnon:

Gary McKinnon is a brilliant guy who grew fond of the UFOs, and he decided to break in the channels of NASA and the US military by installing a virus, and he deleted a few files. McKinnon wanted to shame the security forces, and so he put a notice on their website saying that their security is crap. He had shut down about 2000 computers for about 24 hours by re-configuring a syslog server that had the wrong access keys in the first place, and this was one of the biggest DDOS hacks of all time.


LulzSec is a black hat hacker who is quite popular for hacking into Sony, CIA, FBI, News International, Scotland Yard and other notable accounts. The group sent out fake news saying Rupert Murdoch had passed away and the motto of their group is “Laughing at your security since 2011”. They aim to bring about awareness of the inefficient security.

Adrian Lamo:

Adrian Lamo hacked into popular accounts such as Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, New York Times and he was arrested for his crime, but he was later appointed as American Threat analyst. He was the one who turned in Wikileaks suspect and got him arrested.

Jonathan James:

Jonathan James was one of the youngest hackers to be imprisoned. He hacked into the US defence system, and he collected all the passwords and usernames of many employees and even stole much software. All these made NASA shut down its system, and it cost them about $41,000 to restore everything. James however, committed suicide in the year 2008 thinking that he would be convicted of the crimes he did not commit.

Kevin Mitnick:

Kevin Mitnick is known for his hack attack in the year 1995, and he served in jail for about five years, and now he is a security consultant. At a very young age, he used social engineering to bypass the punch card systems. He later started a security company, and he is also a member of a firm which develops mobile security systems.

Albert Gonzalez:

Albert Gonzalez was known for stealing payment card numbers, and he was the gang leader to a hacker group named ShadowCrew. It is said that he collected over 170 million credit and debit cards in just two years. He had to serve 20 years in prison as he stole all those money from various payment cards. 20 years is certainly a long time, and it is a harsh sentence to be given to a person who committed a computer crime.