Software development is rapidly growing, there are several new ideas and concepts that are presented to us from time to time, which has turned very hard for development agencies to be updated with the trends. Below are few trends, which we believe to be the game changers in the future’s software development space.

  1. Chatbots

These tools are getting a lot cheaper to deploy and a lot easier to make. Chatbots are simply becoming substitutes to customer support executives while it is less costly compared to employing people 24/7 to respond to the recurring queries. Moreover, chatbots are utilized for conversion, lead generation and sometimes it can be used for promoting your product.

  1. Platform as a service

Software as a service was a paradigm transition to the industry’s software development as it lessen different problems facing the industry like updates, security and piracy. A recent approach to this is platform as a service which lets the developers of the software to work on an environment. Some of the samples for platform as a service are OpenShift by Ret Hat and Google’s App Engines.

  1. Risk mitigation’s software escrow services.

Software escrow services allows companies in keeping their source code secure in a safe location handled by dedicated team. The moment you make an account with a software escrow, the involved source code is safe in that particular account. In addition, you can give authorized access to some of the involved stakeholders.

Escrow services will happen to grow massive in the following years while the rising number of clients are asking for it ensuring that their investment is secured. In escrow, grasping complicated code guarantees that your software app will be accessible for your clients even on particular instances wherein the mother company goes out for business. Data sets and propriety databases can be stored in a software escrow as well.

  1. AI or Artificial Intelligence.

The artificial intelligence’s growth is perceiving a massive increase. For some time now, ANI system have been existing comprising particular use cases like the google search box, a digital chess game that recommends search terms and much more. Although with the decreased production cost and the rise in computer technology, AGI appears to be a reality than only a concept.